What is inMotion?

NWMotiv.com and Evergreen DRIFT presents inMotion!

September 28th, 2013

Evergreen Events Center & Evergreen Speedway
14405 179th Avenue Southeast  Monroe, WA 98272

$15 entry – Access both the car show and drifting!
Children 6 and under are free! 16+ in the hot pits only!
Purchase tickets at the gate! 

The biggest and best cars from the Northwest will join us for what could be the biggest event in the Northwest all year! Indoor/Outdoor Car Show, VIP Lounge, Competition Pro-Am Drift Event and More!  NWMotiv is looking for the best cars in those classes to show head to head!

More details to come! Follow NWMotiv and Evergreen DRIFT on Facebook to stay up to date!


Open room registration and Overflow 
Spots are limited, once it’s sold out, it will change to outside overflow only.

Indoor Car Show Registration:
Indoor registration will be limited to previous 2013 show winners or approved only cars – Coming Soon!

Evergreen Drift Registration:
Coming Soon!

Classes & Awards


For the past few years, the car show scene has evolved into what some might call, Little League, where everyone goes home with a trophy. While we might not disagree with that if you’re 10 years old, if you’re competing in one of our shows, it’s time to grow up.

Moving forward with inMotion, and future shows, NWMotiv plans to return to modification-based classes, eliminating makes and models from our awards list. This might not be true for all shows, but for inMotion, if you want to win? You need to earn it.


Street Class – This class is for cars with light to moderate modifications, often focusing on one area of the car. IE: Fully built motor in a sleeper style. It could also include light modifications to every part, IE: lip kit, wheels, intake/exhaust, and minor stereo or interior work. No significant body work should be done for this class.

Mild Class – Mild class are for cars with a significant amount of work done. Any significant body modifications and/or heavy modifications to the two of the three main categories (Interior, Exterior, and Engine) will put you into mild. Body kits, custom paint work, custom body work, etc.

Show Class – Reserved for the best of the best. A full show car will have everything done, from the motor, interior, exterior, display and more.


For inMotion, NWMotiv is putting up its own money for the award prizes! These awards and prizes are subject to change as we move closer to the event. Additional awards may be added at anytime with various payouts.

Best of ShowJudges Choice

Sponsors Choice

1st Place Show

2nd Place Show

3rd Place Show

4th Place Show

1st Place 2dr Mild2nd Place 2dr Mild

3rd Place 2dr Mild

1st Place 4dr Mild

2nd Place 4dr Mild

3rd Place 4dr Mild

1st Place 2dr Street

2nd Place 2dr Street

3rd Place 2dr Street

1st Place 4dr Street

2nd Place 4dr Street

3rd place 4dr Street

Best EngineBest Paint

Best Interior

Best Luxury

Best VIP

Best Functional Fitment

Best Static Stance

Best Air Ride Stance

Best Old School

Best Team Overall

Best Bike


1st Place – $TBD2nd Place – $TBD

3rd Place - $TBD

4th Place - $TBD

5th Place - $TBD

6th Place - $TBD

7th Place - $TBD

8th Place - $TBD

Top Qualifier - $TBD


Judging & Break Down

Dating back to 1999, NWMotiv’s staff has used a very explicit and detailed judging form for all our car shows. One rule to keep in mind is that this is a car show, you are displaying your car for fans of your work to see. This is not a meet, you register to show from the time the event starts to when it ends. Not everyone arrives when you do, for the spectators that show up in late in the day, it’s only fair for them to see what was there at the beginning of the event. This is a car show, your car should be spotless. Take the time to detail your car inside and out, cleanliness points make up for a good portion of our total points. Watch our website for tips and tricks on what judges test and look for when it comes to modifications, custom work and of course, how dirty your car is.

To see what our judging format looks like, download the form below:
Download our printable judge sheet here.

Car Show Rules


1.) inMotion will be held rain or shine.
2.) All registrations are final. No refunds will be issued.
3.) NWMotiv has the right to change judging formats if they see fit or if technical issues arise.
4.) The judge’s decisions are final, scores will not be released.
5.) Each registration is only valid for one show car or bike.
6.) There is no selling or advertising of any kind allowed in a vehicle registration space.
7.) Registrations are Non-Refundable and Non- Transferable to any other vehicle or user.
8.) inMotion and NWMotiv use a strict rule of ethics and code of conduct. If we believe you’re not fit for this event, you will be escorted off. If you do not know our code, ask.


Drifting Rules

Tech inspection requirements are all based on keeping you and others safe out on the track and minimizing event down time. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure the car is safe to operate and all safety gear is in good condition and installed properly.

You will be given the chance to correct any unsafe items and be re-inspected. If you are unable to correct the issue and cannot pass tech you will receive a refund of your driving fee.

If you do not pass tech and miss your runs we cannot make any special accommodations. Come locked and loaded ready to rock.

Evergreen Pro-Am Drift Rules Apply – For the complete list of rules and regulations, please click the link below!

Full list of rules and regulations here.

Contact Us

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